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SAGA Travel Insurance 2023: In the past, during the time of British rule in most parts of the world, there were instances when the Britishers faced hardships and took risks while travelling, especially when sufficient security measures were not available. During those times, individuals were always prepared to face challenges, even when they embarked on foreign journeys, leaving their mark on their adventurous lives. Even today, there are risks, but you can place your trust in modern times as SAGA travel insurance provides you with a substantial safety shield at a reasonable premium for You, your family and your friends’ foreign journeys.

Today, I will discuss SAGA travel insurance 2023 which provides coverage for British citizens based on their needs during both domestic and international travel. Complete detailed information about SAGA travel insurance addressing the following key points

  • Why should we consider purchasing SAGA Travel Insurance?
  • How many plans does SAGA Travel Insurance 2023 offer? What are the unique features of each plan and what benefits do they provide?
  • Can SAGA Travel Insurance 2023 provide customer support services during travel abroad?
  • what is the claim process?

Why should we consider purchasing SAGA Travel Insurance?

COVID-19 Coverage: In today’s unpredictable world, having travel insurance that covers COVID-19 is crucial but Saga Travel Insurance 2023 offers coverage for various COVID-19-related situations like trip cancellation, atonement, emergency medical expenses and repatriation.

No age limit: If you are over 50 years old then no upper limit for SAGA travel insurance 2023 policy holder.

SAGA Travel Insurance 2023

Pre-existing Medical Conditions: Most of Pre-existing Medical Conditions covered by SAGA travel insurance 2023

Comprehensive Coverage: SAGA travel insurance offers extensive coverage, including medical and cancellation.

Protection For Family And Friends: you can protect up to 9 family members and Friends of any age, even if they travel separately with annual multi-trip cover

Leisure Activities Cover: Over 40 popular Leisure activities are covered with options for Leisure and winter sports activities

SAGA Travel assistance helpline: SAGA Travel Insurance 2023 offers 24/7 worldwide support and assistance in lost or stolen documents, luggage tracking, embassy contact information, money transfer and Emergency medical guidelines.

A Fast, Efficient Claim Service: SAGA travel insurance company’s claim advisers are based in the UK and you would not encounter an automated phone menu and strive to process claims quickly with minimum hassle.

Covid-19 Cover: If you or any of your friends or family members fall ill with COVID-19 within 14 days the start of your trip, and this illness is confirmed by a doctor’s written documentation, then the policy will provide you with the specified coverage And if you fall ill due to COVID-19 and are forced to abandon your trip, with expenses amounting to up to £10,000, SAGA Travel Insurance 2023 will reimburse you for unused travel, accommodation, and other prepaid services

During international travel, in case of COVID-19 or any other emergency, up to £10 million will be covered, and for domestic travel, coverage up to £2 million.

Benefits of SAGA Travel Insurance

Single-trip travel insurance provides coverage for trips up to 120 days, catering to a specific group of customers, particularly those aged 50 and above with no upper age limit. If your trip needs to be cancelled for any unforeseen or valid reasons, this plan offers up to £10,000 in additional coverage. It also includes coverage for many pre-existing medical conditions. During international travel, you’re protected with coverage of up to £10 million for any emergencies, and for domestic trips, coverage of up to £2 million for any emergency. you have up to £5,000 in coverage for issues related to lost or delayed baggage during your travels.

Extra benefits at No Extra Cost

Single-trip insurance plans offer extra benefits at no extra cost which might come as a pleasant surprise. If your original flight is disrupted, a single-trip plan will provide coverage up to £1500 to help you get a replacement flight.

In situations where you’re stuck somewhere due to unforeseen circumstances, a single-trip travel insurance plan will cover the cost of your stay up to £1500

If travellers need to find alternative accommodation unexpectedly then this plan will provide those expenses up to £5,000

If you have to cancel your trip for a significant reason then the single-trip plan offers coverage for the cost you have incurred up to €10,000

Plans Of SAGA Travel Insurance 2023

1: Single-trip travel insurance

A single-trip travel insurance policy is specially tailored for customers who want to enjoy a one-time vacation, go on a short business trip, or travel abroad for any other work-related purposes. A single-trip travel insurance policy offers its customers coverage for a trip of up to 120 days anywhere in the world.

2: Annual Travel Insurance

Annual travel insurance has become very popular for people who travel frequently throughout the year. Annual travel insurance is very convenient and suitable for those who are involved in overseas businesses and those who have relatives living abroad and need to travel several times a year.

An annual travel insurance policy offers extensive coverage allowing you to travel for up to a maximum of 120 days in your chosen region each year. It permits individual trip of up to 45 days with the flexibility to extend them to either 60 or 90 days(please note that extension exclude policies for the U.S.A., Canada and the Caribbean island)

Annual muti-trip insurance policy offer coverage options for different regions. In Europe, these policies provide 45 days of coverage per trip as standard and you have the flexibility to extend your trip to either a 60 or 90-day trip with a maximum total coverage of up to 120 days per policy year. For destinations worldwide excluding the United States Of America, Canada and Caribbean islands the policy provides 45-day coverage per trip.

Cover Limit Of Single-trip travel Insurance and Annual Travel Insurance

Policy limits for each insured person per tripExcess applicable per claim
Cancellation Up To £10,000Yes
Missed departure Up To £1,000No
Delayed departure Up To £35 first 12 hours, £15 for each 12 hour after thatNo
Abandonment Up To £10,000Yes
Delayed BaggageUp To £250No
Up To £35 first 12 hours, £15 for each 12 hours after thatUp To £5,000(£600 per article and £1,000 total valuables limitsYes
Emergency medical and associated expenses Up To £10 million, £2 million in UK 🇬🇧 Yes
Hospital benefit Up To £25 per 24 hour(max.£1,000)No
Personal accidental Up To £30,000(£1,000 if aged belove 16,£15,000 if aged above 70)No
Criminal injury benefitsUp To £30,000No
Substitute accommodation Up To £5,000Yes
Enforced stayUp To £1,500Yes
Loss of passport Up To £350No
Coverage of Personal money Up To £500, £300 limit for cash, £100 limit for cash for aged under 16Yes
End supplier failure Up To £1,500No
Pet careLost, Stolen Or damaged baggage 🧳 No
Hijacking and mugging Up To £25 per 24-hour max. £300No
Air rageUp To £1,000No
Personal Liability Up To £2 million Yes
Legal expenses and advise Up To £50,000No

Claim Process And Helpline Of SAGA Travel Insurance.

The complaint is that all companies create problems when it comes to claiming, but SAGA travel insurance has gained popularity among its customers for offering easy and convenient options for making claims, including phone and online claim submissions. Details and link for the claim are given below

Medical help and repatriation Claim

(+44) 1444 442105

0800 092 2101

Lost Or Stolen Passports claim

(+44) 1444 442105

0800 092 2101

Lost Or Stolen Belongings

(+44) 1444 442106

0800 092 2099

Select Travel Insurance Claim

(+44) 1444 442141

0800 092 2344

Cancellation and all other claims

(+44) 1444 442106

0800 092 2099

Medical conditions

As age increases so do health issues and Insurance companies often try to create distance from older people. However, SAGA travel insurance stands out as the sole company that not only attempts to bridge the gap for older people but also offers extensive coverage for most Pre-existing Medical Conditions during travel.

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