International Student Travel Insurance
  • International Student Travel Insurance: Hello, International students are you looking for travel insurance? Look no further than HDFC ERGO international student Travel Insurance, They offer a variety of policies to suit your needs, whether you’re travelling as a student or in a group. With coverage for study disruption, medical emergencies, loss of baggage, loss of documents or unforeseen events, you’re sure to find the right policy for you
  • Going for higher studies abroad means students from India come first In this regard, the students of India have prepared themselves to study abroad in any way despite facing financial difficulties and once he gets a chance, he keeps proving themselves to be the best
  • Parents of Indian students are willing to send their children to study abroad even in any economic crisis, If any unfortunate incident happens with the students abroad in such a crisis, the situation becomes very serious
  • But you don’t need to worry because HDFC ERGO International Student Travel Insurance is the protection provider for students.
  • So now we will try to understand how HDFC ERGO International Student Travel Insurance provides services to students.
International Student Travel Insurance

Coverage For Medical

1: Expenses For Medical Emergency

  • Parents use their whole life earnings to send their children to study abroad And if the student suffers an accident abroad or falls ill and is admitted to a hospital, the burden on the parents is increased.
  • But HDFC ERGO International Student Travel Insurance provides cashless medical treatment coverage to the student in such situations.

2: Expenses For Emergency Dental Treatment

  • Dental disease has become common today in our country or abroad
  • This policy covers your expenses in case of sudden toothache or injury to your teeth due to an accident and you require treatment.

3: Coverage For Medical Evacuation

  • HDFC ERGO international student travel insurance policy will provide cost If an accident or illness requires the student to be transported by air or road to a nearby hospital for emergency treatment.

4: Expenses For Body Reparation

  • If a student dies abroad due to an accident or an illness, there is a huge cost to bring his body back to the country. But HDFC ERGO International Student Insurance covers the cost of repatriating the dead body of the student.

5: Accidental Death Cover

  • This policy pays the sum assured in case of accidental death of students while studying abroad

6: Permanent Disability cover

  • If a student meets with an accident and becomes permanently disabled, this policy compensates them for financial loss.

Baggage cover

1 Loss Of Baggage

  • You are out to build your life and career and you don’t need to worry if you get lost in your baggage during the journey Because this policy is always designed to take your worries away and will compensate you for your lost luggage.

2: Delay Baggage

  • At the end of the tour, if you do not receive your baggage on time, funds will be available to purchase the necessary equipment to start your class.

1: Personal Liability Cover

  • In case of an accident while studying abroad, if you are liable and you have to compensate the third party, this policy will cover you.

2: Bail Bond Cover

  • If you are detained for a bailable crime, the amount required for bail and the amount required for legal assistance will be covered by this policy.

3: Study Intruption Cover

  • If the student is hospitalized for a long period of time due to an illness and study is interrupted, you are reimbursed for tuition fees.
  • Tuition fee benefits if the study is interrupted due to the death of a close relative in the country.
  • Tuition fee benefit if the death of the sponsor.

4: Compassionate Visit cover

  • HDFC ERGO international student travel insurance will bear the cost of coming and going If the student is admitted to the hospital for more than 7 days while studying abroad and the parents have to come from India in an emergency.

5: Loss Of Passport Cover

  • HDFC ERGO international student travel insurance will cover the cost of a student’s passport being lost during study abroad and the cost of collecting new documents and making a new passport.

What’s Note Covered In HDFC ERGO International Student Travel Insurance?

1: Breach Of Law

  • HDFC ERGO International Student Travel Insurance does not provide cover if a student violates the law and becomes injured or ill.
  • HDFC ERGO international student travel insurance does not provide cover if a student becomes injured or ill during wartime.

2:Consumption Of Intoxicant Substances

  • This policy does not provide any cover if a student consumes prohibited drugs or narcotic substances while studying abroad.

3: Pre Existing Disease

  • This policy does not provide any kind of cover if a student is suffering from any illness before going to study abroad and is undergoing treatment.

4: Cosmetic And Obesity Treatment

  • This policy does not cover any type of cosmetic surgery or obesity surgery or treatment during study abroad.

5: Self-Inflicted Injury

  • This policy does not provide cover if a student sustains a self-injury or suicide attempt while studying abroad

6: Adventure Spotrs

  • HDFC ERGO international student travel insurance policy does not provide cover If a student participates in any adventure sports on behalf of the College or on his own behalf and is injured while studying abroad
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International Student Travel Insurance
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  1. Nice post with useful details for students going abroad. It would be good to cover more insurance companies
    other than HDFC ERGO.
    Minor spelling correction “reparation” to “Repatriation”.

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