get loan up to Rs500000 in 5 minutes

GET LOAN UP TO Rs500000 IN 5 MINUTES Today we give you information about a platform that will give you a loan of up to Rs500000 in just 5 minutes. I recently found out about a platform called Money View that offers emergency loans without the need for any physical paperwork. They claim to approve online loans in just 5 minutes! It’s incredible how technology has made things so much easier. I’ll definitely keep this in mind if I ever need a loan urgently. GET LOAN UP TO Rs500000 IN 5 MINUTES

If you do not have any option of loan then Money View will prove to be helpful for you. So today we will try to know

  • What are the qualifications for taking a loan?
  • how the money view loan platform gives loan
  • Which documents will be required for the loan?
  • How to apply online for a loan?
  • How much loan will you get?
  • When will you get the loan after applying?
  • How much will the loan charge be?
  • What will be the interest rate?
  • How will you pay off the loan?

Introducing Money View Personal Loan

  • If you want to take a loan only from any application, it is necessary to get some information about it.
  • Money View Personal Loan App is very popular in Idia
  • A large number of people in India go for its use
  • So far 10M people have downloaded it from Google Play Store
  • You can check your eligibility within 2 minutes
  • Google Play Store has been rated by 14,72,927 users with an average rating of 4.7 so far.
get loan up to Rs500000 in 5 minutes

Pros And Cons Of Money View Personal Loan

Loans on Low Credit ScoresCONS
Quick Eligibility CheckHigh Processing fee
Collateral Free LoansLocation, phone storage, microphone,
camera and SMS permissions are required.
Flexible Loan Amountrate of interest high
Completely PaperlessMany Times Loan notes Disburs WIthin 24 hour
Affordable Interest RatesMany Times Loan notes Disburs WIthin 24 hours
Flexible Repayment TermA partial repayment Sistem Not Available
24 Hour Disbursal
Loans on Low Credit Score

Loans On Low Credit Scores

  • To take any loan you need a minimum CIBIL score which is required in Money View Personal Loan is a minimum of 600 and a minimum experience score is 650

Quick Eligibility Score

  • Once you apply for a loan, you get to know your loan eligibility within 2 minutes.

Collateral Free Loans

  • You don’t need any kind of collateral to take Money View Personal

Flexible Loan Amount

  • Money View Personal Loan You can take from 5000 to 500000 as per your credit score and at your convenience.

Completely paperless

  • While availing Money View Personal Loan you do not need any kind of physical paperwork just by providing the required details the loan will be sanctioned to you.

Affordable Interest Rates

  • Taking a loan at a high-interest rate is very painful for any normal family member But providing loans at faster and lower interest rates is the main goal of Money View

Flexible Repayment Term

  • You get a loan repayment period of 1 to 5 years
  • means the applicant can choose a repayment tenure time of up to 60 months

24 Hours Disbursal

  • The amount gets deposited in your account within 24 hours of loan approval

Eligibility To GET LOAN UP TO Rs500000 IN 5 MINUTES

  • Different regions have different eligibility criteria
  • The minimum age of the loan applicant is 21 years and the maximum age limit is 57 years
  • For example, for a person living in a small town or rural area, the minimum income should be 13500, also the deposit should be made in the bank account And minimum CIBIL score should be above 600 and an Experian score should be above 650.
  • If you are from Mumbai/Thane or Delhi NCR Regin and your account has an Rs20000 Salary per month as a regular deposit And your CIBIL score is above 600 and your Experian score is above 650 then you are eligible to apply for a loan.
  • If you are from a metro city other than Mumbai/Thane or Delhi NCR Regin and your account has at least 15000 Salary per month and your CIBIL is above 600/Experian scores above 650 then you are eligible to apply for a loan.

Documents Required

  • For this loan, you will also need the PAN card as primary identity proof If for some reason your card is also not working then you can alternatively use Aadhaar Card, Valid Indian Passport, Election Identity Card or Driving License
  • As address proof you will use Aadhaar Card, Electoral Identity Card, Passport and Driving License
  • As income proof, if you are self-employed, you have to submit the bank account statement for the last three months in PDF format.
  • If you are a salaried person then you have to submit the last three months’ salary account statement or last three months bank statement in PDF format.

Fees And Charges

  • The rate of interest is starting from 1.33 % per month
  • Your loan processing charge ranges from 2% to 8% of loan approved loan amount
  • After deducting the processing fee from your loan approval amount, the rest amount is credited to your account.
  • 2% is charged on the overdue amount/principal loan amount in case your EMI overdue
  • If your check gets bounced then you will have to pay the end of Rs500
  • In case of loan cancellations, you will not be charged and your processing fee will be paid later

How To Apply

Check Eligibility

  • Download the money view app and create an account
  • Enter email
  • Enter mobile no.
  • Enter your detail as per your PAN card
  • select employment type
  • enter your monthly income
  • enter annual family income
  • loan amount display if you are eligible

Select Loan Tenure

  • select your loan tenure
  • select EMI option

Upload Documents

  • enter basic information
  • father’s and mother’s names as per PAN card
  • select owen house or rented house
  • enter purpose of loan
  • enter language
  • enter your business and address detail
  • verify (e-KYC)

Amount disbursed To Your Bank Account

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Note :

This article is only for education and information purpose. We give all information in this post is correct but if any error will there, then we will not be responsible for it. Please visit the official website and Read the terms and conditions carefully before applying for a loan.

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