Domestic Cruise Travel Insurance Australia
  • Domestic Cruise Travel Insurance Australia: Hello Australians If you are a domestic cruise enthusiast and want to secure your cruise travel then 1Cover Travel Insurance is the right choice for you and your Domestic Cruise Travel Insurance Australia.
  • If an emergency at sea during cruise travel requires the traveller to reach the shore by helicopter or you become ill or misses a port then 1cover cruise travel insurance will provide cover to travellers
  • So let’s see how and under what conditions 1Cover Cruise Travel Insurance covers their customers
Domestic Cruise Travel Insurance Australia

Coverage By 1Cover Domestic Cruise Travel Insurance Australia

1: Medical Treatment Cover

  • No one wants to get sick during a cruise travel but unfortunately, someone does and getting treatment across the cruise proves to be very expensive.
  • But travellers need not worry as 1Cover Cruise Travel Insurance protects policyholders from hospital expenses.
  • 1Cover travel insurance covers medical expenses incurred during the journey and expenses arising from sea departures in an emergency.
  • The above costs are pre-determined benefits at the time of purchasing the policy
  • Domestic Cruise Travel Insurance Australia

2: Family Emergency

  • If the pre-arranged journey is not regular due to any reason and you cannot reach a loved one at the pre-arranged Place then So 1Cover Travel Insurance will make arrangements for the traveller to reach his family
  • This benefit will be available within the limits already fixed in the policy

3: Trip Cancellation Cover

  • Most cruises take advance payment from customers at the time of booking and customers are always worried about trip cancellation.
  • But customers of 1cover Cruise Travel Insurance need not worry because If the traveller has to cancel the trip due to illness or other suitable reasons, the prepaid amount is covered in such a situation.

4: Formal Wear Cover

  • Formal wear is mandatory in certain events organized across the cruise during cruise travel.
  • Unfortunately, if your valuables wear are lost or stolen during a cruise, you don’t have to worry.
  • 1cover Cruise Travel Insurance will provide adequate compensation for your lost or stolen valuables wear.

5: Lost Belonging Cover

  • Travellers avoid carrying valuables while travelling as it is common for these items to get lost, stolen and damaged.
  • But travellers need not worry because 1cover Cruise Travel Insurance provide covers up to $15000 against loss of luggage and personal valuables.
  • And gives travellers the freedom of free mind and tension-free travel

6: Cabin Confinement

  • No traveller wants to get sick while travelling, but lucky ones do
  • But if a traveller falls ill and has to stay in the cabin all the time and does not get travel benefits, then 1cover cruise insurance cover is available.

7: Weather Delay Cover

  • Climate plays an important role in sea travel and A cruise schedule is always weather dependent.
  • If your cruise is delayed or missed due to bad weather, 1cover travel insurance covers you to get you to the next port.

8: Missed Departure Cover

  • If the passenger does not reach the port on time due to any valid reason at the time of departure the cruise travellers need not worry
  • Because 1Cover Cruise Travel Insurance will take care of getting you to the next port.


Important Notes for Domestic Cruise Travel Insurance Australia

  • 1Cover Cruis travel insurance coverage does not provide coverage if a traveller’s trip is cancelled due to covid-19 or has to go into cabin confinement due to covid-19.
  • Travellers can also purchase 1Cover Cruise Travel Insurance as adon Coverage with any of the 1Cover domestic Travel Insurance Plans.
  • Before purchasing any policy of 1cover Domestic Travel Insurance, it is necessary to read the Policy Disclosure Statement (PDS), Link given below

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Domestic Cruise Travel Insurance Australia Domestic Cruise Travel Insurance Australia
Domestic Cruise Travel Insurance Australia
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