AIG Golf Travel Insurance Ireland

AIG Golf Travel Insurance Ireland: Hello travel-loving Ireish, are you looking for golf travel insurance? Look no further than AIG Golf Travel Insurance Ireland. Did you know that securing domestic travel and foreign travel can increase your happiness? AIG Golf Travel Insurance covers your travel plans for domestic and international travel from Ireland with a wide range of coverage.

Are you going to plan golf in a foreign country? Do you believe in sports in a carefree way? If you are playing games with worry, stop worrying now. since your concern is for your own and your sports equipment, now if your concern is for your own equipment and your health AIG Golf travel insurance is designed for your 21 days trip priced at 18 based on 54 years of age.

AIG Golf Travel Insurance Ireland

What is golf travel insurance?

Golf travel insurance covers you for the cost of insurance if you are unexpectedly stranded in Greece and unable to continue your planned golfing trip. when you add the AIG Golf travel insurance option during your trip in case you fall ill during the trip and can not get the game fee back so the amount is covered in insurance. If your equipment is lost, stolen or damaged, it can be covered by insurance after its cost and you can play more golf worry-free.

Why AIG Golf Travel Insurance?

Planning to take a ferry ride under the Mediterranean sun or upping your golf game at an American fair? So with AIG Golf Travel Insurance, you can take some of the stress out of your trip and focus on improving your game.

Golf Equipment Cover

We cover golf Equipment up to € 1500 with insurance up to € 250 per pair. The equipment that may be covered by your golf policy is as follows :

[1] Golf bags

[2] Golf clubs

[3] Golf-motorised trolleys

[4] Golf shoes

Coverage Of AIG Golf Travel Insurance Ireland

€1500 in golf travel insurance to enjoy the tour without worrying about any needs and equipment during entry

AIG Golf Travel Insurance Ireland

Not Coverage Of AIG Golf Travel Insurance Ireland

It is not applicable if there is general storage during the journey. The claim will not be eligible if you send the goods on a different vehicle basis than your usual one or before the date of travel.

If a traveller has a pre-existing medical condition at the time of taking AIG Golf travel insurance policy, the policy will not provide cover.

AIG Golf Travel Insurance Ireland does not provide plane cover during travel into Cuba, Iran, Syria, Crimea Region and North Korea.

The Aig Golf Travel Insurance Plan does not cover travelling against the travel advisory issued by the Department of Foreign Affairs of Iran.

Golf Equipment Rental Cover

Golf insurance is useful in case of equipment rental and any damage to the equipment when golf equipment needs to be rented for any reason.€ 50 per day up to € 500 if the equipment is lost or delayed for up to 12 hours, AIG Golf Travel Insurance Plan will cover all expenses.

Could Not Make Greens?

If you are unable to make it due to an illness, accident or document defect, you are immediately provided with golf travel insurance of € 40 per day up to € 400. and you will be able to prepare for the golf worry-free.

Policy Documents

You can find all the historical versions and all the travel insurance policy documents and IPID by following the link below.

Policy Wording

Please read carefully policy wording documents before buying the policy by following the below link.

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AIG Golf Travel Insurance Ireland AIG Golf Travel Insurance Ireland


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